My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic


Have a blast with the main characters from My Little Pony


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My Little Pony is the official game for the cartoon series’ new adventures that has become an internet wonder after having captivated hundreds of thousands of users with a game that, in spite of seeming childish at first site, also deals with fun issues for a more mature audience.

And so, together with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the rest of the gang, you'll be able to embark on some truly exciting adventures on your iPhone. And event though the game presents itself as a kind of 'Farmville' with ponies, you'll find it has much more.

The ‘much more’ entails a series of mini-games in which you can control the different ponies and participate in fun tests that burrow gameplay mechanics from other games. The result is a very varied and exciting gaming experience.

My Little Pony also has great graphics, as it uses the same style found on the cartoon series which it weaves in to perfection. It’ll even, at times, seem like you are watching the series on TV.

My Little Pony is a great social game that burrows gameplay mechanics from other games and uses a very catchy license to offer an amazingly fun experience.
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